Healthcare Consulting
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As a home health, homecare and/or hospice provider, Kindle Coding offers services that are as wide ranging and diverse as the healthcare field itself. From one day projects to large, multi-year undertakings, Kindle Coding has a proven track record to handle the varying of needs of today’s healthcare providers.
Government regulations are becoming more complex. Compliance is more complicated and critical than ever. Simultaneously, margins are falling and the need to control costs is rising. All while driving towards a value-based model to improve quality of care and outcomes. Kindle Coding offers you a broad range of health care provider services to meet these growing challenges in a changing environment. Kindle Coding has a proven track record to bring you innovative approaches and perspectives driven by deep industry research to help you lead your organization effectively into the future.

Consulting Services for Health Care Providers

Kindle Coding has built a high-end healthcare services strategy practice designed for small and medium-sized businesses. We combine significant cumulative healthcare experience with our tiered pricing structure to customize analysis and provide actionable recommendations. Our staff is actively engaged and remain active in the day-to-day work with clients. We invest partner time and targeted research into our healthcare coding practice, and will continue to invest ahead of client needs. Over 80% of our business comes from repeat customers and 20% from referrals.

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