Whether you need temporary assistance, case by case support, or an outsourced coding team we are confident that Kindle Coding can meet your needs.

 Kindle Coding & Home Care Compliance, Corp

 Kindle Coding & Home Care Compliance, Corp.

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Kindle Coding Welcomes You

Kindle Coding provides outsourced OASIS review & coding services.  All reviews are performed by diagnosis coding & OASIS specialists who are certified in both Home Health coding and OASIS (HSC-D and COS-C or HCS-O.)  

Our promise to you is a focus on claim protection through compliance with CMS guidance & the Official Coding Guidelines as well as optimal reimbursement.

  • Are you tired of leaving well deserved reimbursement on the table?
  • Are you confident that your clinicians’ documentation support your submitted claims?
  • Are you concerned that reimbursement will be forfeited due to lack of supporting documentation?
  • Have you considered outsourcing your coding in order to improve accuracy, consistency and productivity?

Kindle Coding will help your agency's team ensure your claims are supported with medical necessity that will stand strong against CMS and program integrity audits.  Our services include entering codes directly into your software system and providing an analysis sheet that includes recommendations for corrections.  We provide guidance related to incomplete, incorrect, and inconsistent OASIS data items as well as additional documentation required to support diagnosis coding and sequencing. 

We strive for a timely return to our clients with an average 2-3 business day turnaround.

Kindle Coding offers a complementary OASIS review and coding which allows your agency to visualize our product and experience the process. You will see that our product allows for training and guidance for your clinicians related to OASIS compliance. 

Kindle Coding is committed to your best interests!

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